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About Us

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We are Insight Diabetes. Our vision is to provide you with the most interpersonal diabetic product reviews and give you all the details you want.

As one of the largest growing health crises diabetes affects 1 in 11 people globally, with an increased prevalence of diabetes rising more rapidly in lower to middle-income countries as opposed to higher-income countries, paired with the average cost of living with diabetes (Private health Care) being ∼£7,300 a year, diabetics on average have medical costs that are ∼2.3 times higher than what costs would be in the absence of the disease.  

With such financial burdens, it is clear to see how being diagnosed with diabetes in a lower-income country or household can be seen as a ‘Death Sentence’ in most cases outside of countries that provide free health care. To help improve the current situation here at InsightDiabetes.com we will aim to purchase and use products that are cheaper in comparison to current popular market products as well as provide detailed user experience blogs of new technologies and products on the market such as some of the new sets of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems (CGMs), Pumps and some of the more traditional Glucose testing kits available.


We do not do promotions of products or services, all product articles on our site are provided by diabetics who have personally used the product/s.

Leon Kuzzy



With a fabulous talent for writing seductive copy, a natural eye towards business matters and a drive to succeed, founder Leon Kuzzy had over 20 years in the copywriting business before forming InsightDiabetes. She’d discovered over the years that the never-ending process of “finding a project”, “finishing a project”, and “repeating”, was getting old. He wanted to focus on the writing end of his business, not spend all his time seeking clients.

With an MBA, serious copywriting chops and a fabulous sense of humour that come across in his writing, Leon has undertaken copywriting for such corporate giants as James & Pearson, Barnes & Carter, Kayce’s and numerous Fortune 500 companies.





“serious copywriting chops and a fabulous sense of humour”