10 Striking factors that spike your blood sugar

10 Striking factors that spike your blood sugar Looking back to your diagnosis of diabetes, you may have been testing your blood glucose (BG) a lot more often, doing so gave you the information you needed to understand how food, stress, sports and illness potentially affect your BG. At this

Signs of low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia)

hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) & Diabetes Blood Glucose (BG) levels often change throughout the day. A way to identify if someone is experiencing a low BG event, you can use a BG monitor to check if the results are below 3.9mmol/L (70mg/dL). This means they are having a low BG

Cannabis and Diabetes

Cannabis and Diabetes Writer’s Note: Insight Diabetes does not encourage the use, purchase or sale of any illegal substance. The possession sale or use of cannabis is illegal under UK laws and in many other countries across the world. Information on this site is intended to help keep people safe, focused

Libre Freestyle Sensor 1/2

Free Style Libre Sensors 1 and 2 The Freestyle Libre 1 is the variation of this brand of Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGM) that collect glucose readings from interstitial fluid (ISF), a thin layer of fluid that surrounds the cells of tissues under your skin which is then scanned by


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